• Optimised design, delivery and erection
  • Foundation work
  • Steel halls
  • Reinforced concrete halls
  • Roof and wall cladding
  • Skylights and smoke vents
  • Internal constructions
  • Manufacturing constructions

The basis of our offer is an optimised design developed on the basis of consultations with the client. We are happy to be involved in the design process as early as at the concept stage, but also at the construction design stage, or even later – at the implementation stage. In every case we are ready to present customised or system solutions according to the client's needs. We know how important efficient, timely and professional implementation is

Hall structures


Engineering structures

  • Advanced static and strength analyses
  • Complicated analyses of complex erection states
  • Design of the structure to be built
  • Comprehensive construction delivery
  • Implementation using simple and complex technologies
  • Single-layer structures
  • Complicated roofings
  • Realising the vision of architects and process engineers

Thanks to our staff we can safely implement very complex engineering constructions with bolted or welded connections. We are able to carry out complex erection operations using heavy equipment, but most importantly – using our engineering thought.

Structures of logistics facilities

  • Design optimisation + detailed designs with workshop documentation
  • Conducting design arrangements based on our experience
  • Short delivery times for structures
  • Short installation times for structures
  • Creation of the load-bearing layer including the roofing
  • Construction of a cladding
  • Rapid response to changes

Based on our experience as well as developed and proven construction solutions, we are able to design, deliver and finally erect a steel structure in a short time. We have already constructed a number of logistics facilities, which allowed us to develop appropriate competitive advantages in this market segment. Our knowledge of the characteristics of logistics facilities in terms of construction is also important.

General contracting

  • Design optimisation at all stages and in all industries
  • Implementation in the "Design and build" or "Build" formula
  • Cooperation with the client at all stages of implementation
  • Turnkey construction of a facility or construction of a building shell

General contracting of an investment is an opportunity for us to fully cooperate with the client. We build both storage and production halls. Friendly environment, focus on cooperation with the client and professionalism in operation – this is how we want to be perceived in our projects.

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