The assembly brigades are the pride of our company. Highly specialized, fully professional and, above all, experienced on various assembly fronts. Each brigade has its own equipment and has its own history. All of them combine professionalism, commitment and experience.

Our brigades took part in the assembly work of the largest and most difficult of our projects. They assembled structures designed by both our and external engineers and designers.

We also use the services of subcontractors, but these are never accidental choices. Our subcontractors very often gained their experience together with our company. They have been carefully selected by us and checked on many construction sites.

Our team of site managers is a group of engineers and technicians with enormous experience and enormous potential. Everyone took part in the implementation of both difficult and simple constructions. They all have building qualifications, knowledge and experience, and belong to the appropriate Chamber. We can count on them in every assembly situation. They run our construction sites and take care of the formal and technical correctness of implemented projects. They give the final shape to everything that started at the negotiating table and was later designed in a design office.

Our managers cooperate with clients during the implementation, take part in solving the most difficult problems and provide support to our clients. Close cooperation between the construction manager and the design office allows us to constantly develop our ambitions and implement new engineering challenges.

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